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Why visiti Guildford Means Business

Why Visit?

Three Great Reasons to Visit Surrey Business Expo

Who will you meet?

Surrey Business Expo is a  huge networking opportunity. You'll, meet old friends and make great new contacts, but the most exciting thing about visiting exhibitions, is that you just don't know who will be there!. 

What will you learn?

Sitting in on a seminar, networking, talking to exhibitors about new services and products can all generate new ideas that could transform your business.

How will you invigorate your business in 2017?

Be inspired and motivated by listening to great speakers, talking to successful local business people and sharing ideas with like-minded colleagues.

'Brilliant Expo. Thank you'.


Register here, right now, to attend Surrey Business Expo.

 You might like to sit in on a couple of Speed Networking Sessions, at 12 noon and 2.00pm. Contact to register for these.

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